T0656-TR0030 Pin buckles - 2 pcs/set, or 3pcs/set series for belts, leather goods, apparel,
footwear, bags, industrial and military applications
2 PCs/Set or 3 PCs/Set - Pin Buckles.
One of The Best Picked Belt Buckle Series
This page includes pin buckles with roller, pin buckles with central bar and miscellaneous buckles with different shape, finish and material.
Pin Buckle Series T0656 - TR0030.

We also manufacture wire-formed buckle, heavy duty stamping buckles, die-casted buckles, clamp buckles with pin, covered buckles, concealed hook buckles, hook and eye buckles, anchor buckles, spring-and-hook type buckles, ratchet buckles, interlocking buckles, clips, clasps for apparel, handbags, footwear,special applications for industrial and military. 2-PCS or 3-PCS Pin Buckle Series

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